The WMF-105x/WMF-10x Measuring Flange with 500µm or 1000µm grating pitch is offered in standard sizes as shown in the table below. The ID size and bolt pattern is offered in 2 different designs for all but the smallest diameter and can easily be customized.

Higher system accuracies than those shown below are possible with the use of the MHS (Multiple Head System) or CHS (Calibrated Head System) electronics and multiple read heads (see catalog).

WMF-105x WMF-10x
Grating pitch: 500 µm 1000 µm
Grating Accuracy [Arc Length]: ± 10 µm, ± 5 µm or ± 3 µm
Mechanical execution:

Stainless steel measuring flange in 2 versions

(small ID)

(large ID)

(small ID)

(large ID)

Reference Mark: 1 mark / 360° as standard or any desired number and position or distance coded (see catalog)
Standard sizes N: 0512, 0720,1024,1440, 1800, 2048 0256, 0360, 0512, 0720, 0900,1024
N Reference: N … Grating pitches per revolution