Scanning head with integrated electronics used primarily for high-end machines in connection with direct drives , external rotor motor.  Complete sensor and electronics integrated into the scanning head, Protection class IP-67. Can be combined with measuring rings and Also available in for explosion sensitive areas

Grating pitch: 3000 µm
Operating temperature: -10°C … 100°C
Storage temperature: -20°C … 100°C
Protection Class: IP-67
Vibration: < 200 m/s² for 55 – 2000 Hz
Shock: < 2000 m/s² for 6 ms
Power supply: 5V ± 5%
Cable: See catalog for additional specifications
Output signals: Sine 1Vpp or TTL (RS422)

System resolutions:

Arc Length:

Signal Period 1Vpp:

Resolution TTL:

3000µm … 93,75µm

750µm … 0,75µm (1)

Max Speed

See catalog for additional specifications

Suitable measuring scale: