WMKA - 2110x for Outside Scanning

inside abso

The WMKA-2010x and the WMKA-2110x absolute angular scanning heads with integrated electronics can be combined with WMFA-1010 Measuring Flanges or WMRA-1010/WMRA-1110 measuring rings. The specified output is delivered direct from the read head without additional conversion electronics. These read heads are IP-67 rated and are insensitive to environmental pollution like grease, oil, coolant, dust and dirt.

WMKA - 2010x for Inside Scanning

WMKA-2110x Inside WMKA-2010x Outside
Operating temperature: -10ºC … 85ºC
Storage temperature: -20ºC … 85ºC
Protection class: IP-67
Vibration: < 200 m/s² for 55 – 2000 Hz
Shock: < 2000 m/s² for 6 ms
Power supply: 3,5V to 5,5V
Power consumption: max. 250 mA @ 5,0V (360mA @ 3,5V; 230mA @ 5,5V)
Incremental Grating Pitch: 1000 µm
Max. input frequency: 39 kHz for all absolute interfaces (2,4kHz at 0,25µm)
Resolution Per Grating Pitch: Absolute interface: 10 or 12 bit
Absolute interfaces: SSI (200kHz … 1MHz and Sine/Cosine) | BiSS/C (max. clock frequency: 2,5 MHz), FANUC, DRIVE-CLiQ, EnDat 2.2, Mitsubishi | Other interfaces on request
Suitable measuring scales: WMRA-1110 WMRA-1010 / WMFA-1010