The scanning heads have a high degree of protection and immunity to contamination, rated at IP 67. The miniature scanning head has external electronics, Encoder output can be 1Vpp, Sine wave ,or TTL (RS422). Multiple head scanning applications systems can be configured

WMK-115x WMK-11x
Grating pitch: 500 µm 1000 µm
Operating temperature: -10°C … 100°C
Storage temperature: -20°C … 100°C
Protection Class: Scanning Head: IP67
Connector electronics with Connei connector: IP67
Connector electronics with Sub-D connector: IP54
Vibration: < 400 m/s² for 55 – 2000 Hz
Shock: < 2000 m/s² for 6 ms
Power supply: 5V ± 5%
Cable: Cable specification see page 72
Output signals: Sine 1Vpp or TTL (RS422); see diagram on page 71

System resolutions:

Arc Length:

Signal Period 1Vpp:

Resolution TTL:

500µm … ~15µm

125µm … 0,125µm (1)

1000µm … 31,25µm

250µm … 0,25µm (1)

Max Speed

See table on page 68

Suitable measuring scale:


See page 39


See page 39