The LMKA-1310x/2310x guided scanning head with integrated evaluation electronics can be combined with the measuring rail LMFA-1310/2310 (see catalog). A size 20mm bearing block is modified to carry the encoder sensor in perfect alignment to the profile rail bearing mounted encoder grating. A flexible coupling is used to attach the moving scanning head to the motion system to forgive reasonable lateral runout.

The specified output is delivered direct from the read head without additional conversion electronics. These read heads are IP-67 rated and are insensitive to environmental pollution like grease, oil, coolant, dust and dirt.

LMKA-1310x LMKA-2310x
Operating temperature: 0°C … 80°C
Storage temperature: -20°C … 85°C
Protection Class:: IP-67
Vibration Vibration: < 200 m/s² for 55 – 2000 Hz
Shock: Shock: < 2000 m/s² for 6 ms
Power supply: 3,5V bis (to) 5,5V
Power consumption: max. 250 mA @ 5,0V (360mA @ 3,5V; 230mA @ 5,5V)
Incremental grating pitch: 1000 µm
Maximum scale length: Less than or equal to 9200 mm Greater than 9200 mm to 32000 mm
Maximum speed: 5 m/s for 1µm; 2,5 m/s for 0,25µm, limited by the mechanics
System resolution: Absolute interface: 1 µm / 0,25 µm / 0,1µm Analog output 1Vpp: 1000 µm or 40 µm
Absolute interfaces: SSI (200kHz ... 1MHz and Sine/Cosine) | BiSS/C (max. clock frequency: 2,5 MHz), FANUC, DRIVE-CLiQ, EnDat 2.2, Mitsubishi | Other interfaces on request
Suitable measuring scale: LMFA-1310 LMFA-2310