The LMK-115X/11X/13X and LMKF-115X/11X/13X scanning head with integrated electronics includes all of the necessary signal conditioning to deliver the final output signal. They can be combined with measuring scale type LMB series. (see catalog). The grating pitch must be the same for the scanning head and the grating scale. As an option, an integrated limit switch function can be realized. These read heads are IP-67 rated and are insensitive to environmental pollution like grease, oil, coolant, dust and dirt.

Type LMK-115x
Grating pitch: 500 µm 1000 µm 3000 µm
Operating temperature: -10°C … 100°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C … 100°C
Protection Class: IP67
Vibration: < 200 m/s² for 55 – 2000 Hz
Shock: 2000 m/s² for 6 ms
Power supply: 5V +/- 5%
Output Signals Sine 1Vpp or TTL (RS422), see catalog
Signal period sine 1Vpp 500µm … 20µm 1000µm … 40µm 3000µm … 120µm
Resolution TTL: 25µm … 0,125µm (1) 50µm … 0,25µm (1) 150µm … 0,75µm (1)
Max Speed up to 30 m/s
Optional: LMK-115x and LMK-11x are also available with wipers
Suitable measuring scale: LMB-1150 / LMB-4150 LMB-110 / LMB-410 LMB-130 / LMB-430