The LMF-3X0 measuring rails are a size 15 mm profile rail bearing with a measuring scale integrated into the top surface and secured using a “snap cover” strip. The profile rail bearing is available in single sections to 3940mm. For longer lengths (to unlimited) multiple rail sections are used with a full length measuring scale.

The LMF-310 version is equipped with mechanical length compensation that enables stretching of the scale to eliminate linear error. The LMF-320 version is not so equipped and all error compensation must be accomplished within the control system software.

LMF-3150 / 3250 LMF-310 / 320
Grating pitch: 500 µm 1000 µm
Accuracy after linear compensation: ± 10µm/m, ± 5µm/m or ± 3µm/m
Coefficient of expansion: ~ 11 ppm/K
X-Section Dimensions 15 mm Wide x 16.2mm Thick
Measuring length: Any length
Mechanical execution: Standard Profile Rail Bearing with Integrated Measuring Scale
Reference marks: 1 reference mark as standard or any desired number and position or distance coded (see catalog)

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