The LMBA-1410/2410 Spar Mounted Scale System is designed for fluid flooded environments or where the mounting surface is either segmented or not of a matching CTE. The slim stainless steel spars are first mechanically attached to the machine bed with screws then a full length ss grating scale is installed and held in position with a “snap cover” strip.

LMBA-1410 LMBA-2410
Incremental Grating Pitch: 1000 µm
Accuracy after linear compensation: ± 10 µm/m, ± 5 µm/m or ± 3 µm/m
Coefficient of expansion: ~ 11 ppm/K
X-Section Dimensions: 18 mm Wide x 5.1 mm Thick
Overall length: Less than or equal to 9200 mm Greater than 9200 mm to 32000 mm
Mechanical execution: Mechanically Attached in a Stainless Steel Carrier