The LMB-1X50  / LMB-1X0 is a 3-layer stainless steel inductive scale. The first ss layer is is a solid carrier strip. The second ss layer is a precision grating strip. The third ss layer is a cover strip. Adhesive tape is used to bond these layers permanently together at the factory. An additional adhesive tape layer is furnished on the underside of the carrier strip, with its release paper intact, for use by the installer to fix the scale to the machine mounting surface.

LMB-1050 / 1150 LMB-100 / 110
Grating pitch: 500 µm 1000 µm
Accuracy after linear compensation: ± 10µm/m, ± 5µm/m or ± 3µm/m
Coefficient of expansion: ~ 11 ppm/K
X-Section Dimensions 10 mm Wide x 0.6mm Thick 10 mm Wide x 0.8mm Thick
Measuring length: Any length
Mechanical execution: Stainless steel measuring tape with adhesive layer for mounting
Reference marks 1 reference mark as standard or any desired number and position or distance coded
(see catalog)

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