A new powerful generation of linear and angular measuring systems – unlike any optical or magnetic encoder, has been developed based on the AMOSIN® Inductive technology, where high-precision is achieved by scanning stainless steel photolithographically etched structures with sophisticated inductive sensors and processing the signals with proprietary integrated electronics (ASIC).

The AMOSIN® length measuring systems can be supplied as an open non-contact encoder or as a bearing guided linear rail as an alternative to encapsulated (extrusion) optical encoders.

The angle measurement systems are ring scales with open hollow large bore thru holes which are sensed over 360° by a non-contact inductive scanning read head. The AMOSIN® systems offer high resolutions (to 0,125 microns on the circumference with TTL output) and high accuracies (to ±3 µm non-linearity) with an IP 67 rating making them extremely resistant to environmental influences such as dust, moisture, oil. They additionally have high shock, vibration and radiation resistance and operate over a wide temperature range.

Our inductive encoders are comparable to the optoelectronic measurement systems in both accuracy and resolution, due in part to the photolithographic printing and chemical etching manufacturing process of the rigid stainless steel scale tape grating.  They deliver excellent short term measuring error performance results from the inherent development of a high-quality sine/cosine signal output with intra-pitch harmonic deviations of <0.1%. The measuring system does not rely on any magnetic parts and is, in contrast to magnetic measurement systems, totally resistant to any kind of electromagnetic interference. Unlike magnetic encoders it also has no hysteresis.

Different measuring systems are employed for both incremental measuring systems and absolute measuring systems

The AMOSIN® length and angle measuring systems can deliver the precise positioning feedback necessary for closed-loop motion control requiring high dynamic stiffness in diverse applications like assembly machines, metalworking machine tools, direct driven linear motor axes and high torque direct drive torque motors.