± 10, ± 5, ± 3 µm/m accuracy grades

The LMB-100/110/1050/1150 stainless steel measuring scale is installed using a double-sided adhesive tape with release paper for direct application to the mounting surface.

The LMB-130 stainless steel measuring scale is supplied in the same way with a +/-20 um/m, ± 10 µm/m or ± 5µm/m accuracy grade.

± 10, ± 5, ± 3 µm/m accuracy grades

The LMB-400/410/4050/4150 stainless steel measuring scale with ss spar is designed for extreme environmental conditions. Slim stainless steel spars are first mechanically attached to the machine bed with screws then a full length ss grating scale is mounted and held in position with a “snap-cover” strip

The LMB-430 stainless steel measuring scale is installed in the same way and offered with a ± 20 µm/m, ± 10µm/m or +/-5 um/m accuracy grade.

IP-67 Rated

The LMK–110/1150 and LMKF-110/1150 is an open, non-contact encoder scanning heads with integrated signal conditioning electronics. 1 Vpp sine/cosine or TTL (RS 422) square wave output.

IP-67 Rated

The LMK-100/1050 is an open, non-contact encoder scanning head designed for use in restricted space applications. The miniature sensor housing is separated from the signal conditioning electronics located in the termination connector. 1 Vpp sine/cosine or TTL (RS 422) square wave output.

± 10, ± 5, ± 3 µm/m accuracy grades

The LMF-310/3150/320/3250 measuring rails are size 15mm profile rail bearings with a measuring scale integrated into the top surface using a “snap cover” strip. The measuring rail is available in single sections to 3940mm.

For longer lengths (to unlimited) multiple rail sections are used with a full length measuring scale. Ideal for long bed segmented machine tools and machine tool retrofits.

Bearing Guided Scanning Head

The LMK-310/3150 Scanning head is precisely guided by the matching LMF bearing guided measuring scale for assured sensor alignment without difficulty. The sensor is integrated into the bearing carriage and the scanning head contains all signal conditioning electronics for direct signal output. A flexible coupling (rigid in the direction of travel) connects the scanning head to the machine and absorbs lateral mechanical deviations of non-parallel machine motion.

Incremental Linear Product Catalog

To view the product catalog, please click on this link below or right click and save the file for future reference:

Incremental Linear Product Catalog

The AMOSIN incremental linear measuring systems consist of a stainless steel inductive Grating Scale and a non-contact electronic Reader Head. With an IP-67 rating and inductive sensor technology, they have high tolerance to many industrial contaminants. These encoders can be employed in both clean and polluted environments.

The AMOSIN incremental linear measuring systems deliver high-performance position feedback that is suitable for closed loop motion control either as the primary encoder (direct drive linear motor) or as the secondary encoder in a ball screw driven axis. They are of value in general for drives where high dynamic range and stiffness is required.

The environmental attributes of the AMOSIN design are similar to that of magnetic encoders but they are not magnetic. Neither the grating scale nor the reading head are harmed by direct contact to a magnet. Unlike magnetic encoders they exhibit no hysteresis (backlash) of motion and can operate in close proximity to direct drive motors.

The Grating Scales  can be applied directly to the mounting surface with a dual sided adhesive tape or integrated into a screwed stainless steel spar system with a snap cover that locks the scale tape into the spar without any adhesives. Linear scales are available to any measuring length, with a variety of grating pitches and in different accuracy classes. They are manufactured using a photolithographically patterned and precision etched stainless steel material that results in high accuracy and high linearity. Single Reference Index marks, multiple Reference Index marks or distance coded Reference Index marks are available.

The Read Head, when in close proximity to the matching grating scale, develops high-quality sine and cosine waves with little harmonic distortion and ZERO hysteresis. As a 1VPP sine/cosine output signal to the control, the signal period can be 1:1 to the pitch count or through signal subdividing it can be 25:1 or 50:1. This capability makes possible higher control resolution when the input signal subdividing level is limited. The reading head can also deliver +5V TTL RS422 square wave signals with high resolution to the control.  

All encoder heads have a high degree of immunity to contamination due to their IP-67 rating and inductive sensor technology. Grease, oil, coolant, dust and dirt have no deleterious effect on the read head function.

Typical incremental linear measuring system applications include:

Machine Tools
Water, Laser and Plasma cutting machines
Sheet Metal Forming
Factory Automation
Linear Actuators and Stages
Metrology and Gaging
SMT Pick and Place machines