The founding AMO Engineers saw a need in the encoder industry for robust high accuracy and high-resolution encoders that could operate in harsh and contaminated environmental conditions. They created the (AMOSIN®) Inductive Encoder which has the form factor of a non-contact optical encoder but can operate in polluted environments without compromise. The stainless steel grating scale tapes are precision photolithographically patterned and etched and can deliver linearity accuracies as high as ±3 µm/meter in unlimited lengths.

The unique angular encoder ring scales are made by laser welding the stainless steel grating scale tape into a ring without any discernible error at the weld joint. More than 100 Incremental angular encoder ring scale sizes currently exist and nearly any size can be created. Ring Scales are press-fit by the installer directly onto the rotating surface of the machine axis, or they can be supplied on a standard or custom hub. AMO Ring Scales easily and inexpensively encode large bore diameters without restricting the inside diameter.

AMO supplies inductive encoders to OEM customers in the Machine Tool, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Printing, Medical, Quality Control & Inspection, Sheet Metal & Metal Working, DC Torque Motor, and Motion Control Industries. Both standard and customized products can both be economically delivered.

The AMOSIN® Inductive measuring
Is similar to other Inductive measuring systems which operate on the principle of a transformer with a moving reluctance, however our encoders have a unique scanning sensor that is made with planar micro-coil array structures fabricated in a micro-multi-layer flex circuit. With the sensor pure sine wave signal excitation, relative motion between the inductive sensor (encoder head) and the stainless steel scale graduation pattern generates two high quality sinusoidal 90 ° phase-shifted signals (SIN and COS), with only 0.1% deviation from the ideal sinusoidal shape allowing high signal interpolation without electrical hysteresis.